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Outstanding organisations
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Each organisation is unique. So is the leadership development training that Karolien Notebaert and her team offer to you. The constantly changing, digitalised business world requires new leadership skills. Neuroscience delivers answers. Based on cutting-edge science, we offer customised leadership trainings for your leaders to stand out.


These are the most frequent challenges that our leaders are facing

Dealing with constant change

Digitalisation and its associated new leadership skills

Unlocking full leadership potential

Motivating the team under constant change

Dealing with stress and preventing burnout

Adapting an inclusive leadership style

01 — Training

Wise Leadership – Unlocking Full Leadership Potential in the Brain

  • New leadership skills required to deal with constant change and increasing digitalisation
  • Leadership performance newly defined
  • Performance and potential development (neuro)scientifically explained and practiced
  • Self-regulation as a key to a healthy mental high performance and stable, strong leadership
  • Principles of wise leadership put into practice
  • Physically measuring self-regulation to track own progress of self-regulation throughout the training
02 — Training

Inclusive Leadership (for all)

  • Unconscious bias and decision making in the brain
  • Principles of an agile and open mindset explained and practiced
  • Self-regulation as a prerequisite for an agile leadership style
  • Tackling the biased brain: from unconscious to conscious bias
  • Age and gender bias in my organisation
  • Principles of inclusive leadership explained and practiced
03 — Training

Female Leadership

  • Biological differences associated to different working and leadership styles
  • Tackling unconscious bias linked with gender differences
  • Gender differences as a chance to increase creativity and performance
  • Discovering your own unique strengths as a female leader
  • Dealing with unconscious mistakes that can sabotage the career of a female leader
  • Strategies to position yourself more strongly as a female leader
04 — Training

Creativity and Innovation

  • Principles of a flexible and creative mind (neuro)scientifically explained and practiced
  • Thinking inside and outside the box: the how put into practice
  • Prerequisites of an organisation to foster creative and innovative thinking
  • The use of Lego Serious Play® in the process of creative and innovative thinking
05 — Training

Invite your Leaders to Create a New Reality: Lego Serious Play® (LSP)

  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Innovative and Creative Thinking
  • Finding a (New) Corporate Identity
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Coaching
06 — Training

Online Training: Enhancing Trust in Virtual Teams

  • What does trust truly mean?
  • The importance of human contact in trust building
  • Effects of digitalisation on the concept of trust
  • Digital leadership to maintain and enhance trust in virtual teams

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