Leadership Retreats by Karolien Notebaert, Ph.D.

All great leaders need a frequent retreat

Leading and motivating others through change, innovation and challenging times can be a hard job. Sometimes this job feels like it is too much to bear. In order to successfully fulfil your work as a leader, self-regulation is of crucial importance to strengthen your inner calm and stability. In addition, a strong self-regulation capacity will significantly increase your mental performance, clarity, quality of decision making and focus.

Find your path.
Strengthen your mind.

To enable you in your self-regulation capacities, we organise intense leadership retreats fully matched to your needs as a person and as a leader. These intense leadership retreats are organised for your individually or in groups of maximum 3 people to assure an intensive, personal guidance. The duration varies between 3 to 14 days.

Main Targets

Your personal benefits

Strengthening emotion-regulation, decision quality and mental focus.

Application of self-regulation in selected leadership topics.

Increase of emotional intelligence through reflection and mindful sparring.

Integration of self-regulation practice into daily life based on individually designed plan.

Mastering a non-cognitive self-regulation strategy, which significantly improves inner stability, calm, agility, performance and leadership qualities.

Your Retreat —
Individualised. Thorough. Effective.

What is included?

  • Tailored training and guidance based on physiological measurements of self-regulation capacity
  • Individually defined exercise- and developmental plan
  • Scientific introduction of self-regulation and mindfulness
  • Individual training with a central focus on daily intensive and repeated self-regulation practice
  • Measure of the effectiveness of mindfulness based on the HeartMath ® Method
  • Daily physiological measure of the personal developmental progress
  • Adaptation of daily practice based on the progress of the participant
  • Daily sparring and mindful training with a focus on the developmental areas selected by the participant
  • Design of individual ‘Self-Regulation and Mindfulness in Daily Life’ plan
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Supported by great expertise
& personal focus.

The daily guidance and sparring will be performed by Dr. Karolien Notebaert, Ph.D. in neuroscience and expert ‘Neuroscience and Leadership’. To have a full overview of Karolien Notebaert’s backgroup, check here.

This seminar will take place in the Bollants SPA Hotel in Bad Sobernheim. Bollants is one of the most beautiful SPA hotels in Europe. This hotel is ca. 1 hour drive from Frankfurt airport.

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