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With an inspiring and humourful speech, this bestseller author, Karolien Notebaert will forever change the way you think and act. With our strong expertise in both science and business, we bring the right topic on stage for your business event.

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Hack your Brain is more than a keynote. Is it an amusing and insightful experience with long-lasting effects!

Mario Büchling, Solutions Direkt AG

01 — Keynote Topic

Hack Your Brain: Unlock your Potential

This is our classical and will be adapted to your needs. This keynote covers the following topics:

  • Information processing in the brain
  • Leadership performance and potential re-defined
  • Brain mechanism of performance and potential development
  • Powerful strategies to unlock your potential
02 — Keynote Topic

TEDxTalk 'Hack Your Brain' - Watch a preview

Hack your Brain?! How do you unlock your full potential in a constantly changing digital world? Science provides us with answers. Intrigued? Watch a preview here:​ TEDxTalk HACK YOUR BRAIN

03 — Keynote Topic

Inclusive Leadership: Tackling the Biased Brain

  • Unconscious bias and decision making in the human brain
  • The strong influence of unconsious bias on team constellation and organisational performance
  • From unconscious towards consious bias
  • Strategies to foster a fair, inclusive, diverse decision making process
04 — Keynote Topic

Maintaining and Increasing Trust in Virtual Teams

  • What is trust?
  • The key characteristics that foster (or damage) trust and cooperation in team
  • The trust challenges in virtual teams
  • Concrete guidelines on how to maintain and increase trust in virtual teams
05 — Keynote Topic

Many Leaders Are Born Female

  • Biological differences can lead to differences in working and leadership styles
  • Unique strengths of a female leader
  • Dealing with unconscious mistakes that can sabotage the career of a female leader
  • Strategies to position yourself more strongly as a female leader
06 — Keynote Topic

Sleep as a Key Performance Driver

  • What is sleep and how much do we need?
  • The effect of sleep on (mental) performance and leadership
  • Myth on what makes us (not) sleep
  • Tips and trick to instantly improve the quality of sleep
07 — Keynote Topic

Strong Leadership in Stormy Wheather

  • Effect of constant change on performance
  • Leadership in times of change
  • Strategies to lead yourself in times of change
  • Leading your team through constant change
08 — Keynote Topic

Digitalisation — Is It Affecting Our Brain to Bits?

  • Information overload and brain processing
  • Effect of digitalization on brain performance
  • Leadership re-defined in a digitalized world
  • Strategies to lead in a digitally augmented organisation

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