My new book

The pilgrim who trained her monkey

Who am I and how can I find my life path? With these questions, a fascinating journey begins. Join Marie and Juliet on their hiking tour in the Wicklow Mountains where the answers to these central life questions develop with each step they take. Based on how the brain works, this story shows you how you can master your thoughts, achieve a better access to your inner wisdom and increase your life quality forever.

Book summary

What you can expect

This book is inspired by a Pilgrim's route that I hiked with my eldest daughter. Facing several Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, my daughter asked me the following questions: 'Mama, who am I? And how do I know where I want to go?'. Posing these essential life questions resulted in fascinating conversations, streams of thoughts and encounters with strangers that inspired me to write this book. With neuroscience as my scientific background, it is from this perspective that these life questions were addressed. The result is a book that comes straight from my heart (and brain): The Pilgrim Who Trained Her Monkey: What the brain reveals about how to lead a fulfilled life.

This book is available in English. A German and Dutch version will be available at the start of 2021.

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